Monday, May 12

I Got Here 34 Years Ago Today

I was born on Mother's Day so this past weekend has always been full of celebration and this one was no different.  My dad made me pumpkin pie (WAY better than cake any day), my mother-in-law and husband fetched my favorite guilty-pleasure dinner (Johnnys Texas Hots) and on Sunday we had enjoyed Mother's Day brunch at The Old Library Restaurant which never disappoints.  Sweet gifts came in the form of delectable chocolates from B, A at work and my boss.  They know what I like.  B sent me flowers at work and a bar of 85% dark from Godiva.  It will surely be excellent.  We were going to go out and do fun stuff, too, but with the weekend so busy I just wanted to be home.
I'll be the first to admit I'm hard to buy for so my folks gave me birthday money, and my mother-in-law made me this really cool tote with pictures of B and I kayaking.  Very neat.  Other people wanted to light up my life: my sister-in-law got me a ceramic wax melting pot (stills smells like pumpkin in my house from burning it last night, mmm); my brother got me three votives in round glass holders.  My sister picked out a cute picture frame that hangs and has a ladybug dangling off the end, and I was serenaded by my mom and my dear friend V.

My friend Patti is the Queen of fantastic cards and you see it there in the picture.  It says, "...subject is older but appears to be same age."  Yes, I have gotten proofed when buying a lottery ticket within the last year.  Inside, "I smell a conspiracy" and the theme from The X Files plays.  Too funny.  B is now whistling the theme around the house.

Lastly, my dear friend A from out west got me the most surprising things, both pictured.  Where she found these awesome "green" sandals I don't know.  I had been wanting a new pair of shoes and would have never found these.  Besides, who else could get me shoes if they don't have the same shoe size like we do?  They are organic, came with fun stickers and can even be bleached without losing their color.  In addition, I have been bookless for days which is a sorry state to be in, and when I opened her package, viola - a book!  Even better, it's one I don't know anything about and it sounds fascinating.

Thank you my dear friends and family for another happy birthday.  <|=)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great Birthday, just as you should have..Yippee!!! You also got some fantastic gifts from the sounds of it, too...and those sandals are very nice! Am so happy for you and your Happy Birthday!


lorenzstudio said...

Happy, sweet, birthday to you!

julie king said...

what a blessed birthday you had. the outlander series by diana gabaldon is FANTASTIC -- a series of 5 books about a weird kind of time travel back to 18th century scotland. really it's historical fiction love story. wonderful! hope tou enjoy it!!