Tuesday, November 27

Details, Details, Details

The flower is on the custom molding I designed using drywall compound and stencils. My mom and I completed this fun project together. Click the bathroom picture in the post below to see our finished handiwork.

Getting There

Whenever we asked each other how we were doing as we all worked on my parents' house, our typical response was, "Getting there." We have come so far, but still have a ways to the finish.

Monday, November 26

Enjoy Life Sip by Sip

Jewelry artist Lorelei has made another creation with my beads (the two brown and and ivory swirly ones)!

She is sumbitting this necklace for the Coffee-Inspired Art Bead Scene challenge. I hope she wins! How cute is that charm she got from another Etsy seller?

Update Dec. 3: She won! These fabulous beads were the prize!

Monday, November 12

A Ray of Sunshine

If you're in the northeastern United States, it's gray, it's gloomy, it's fall. It's the perfect time to show you my latest buyer's creation! Jewelry artist Lyrical made these lovely Sunshine Earrings featuring my orange and yellow streaked beads. Do you know someone who needs a ray of sunshine? Head on over to her shop!

Monday, November 5

A Rose - Froze!

My mom's fuchsia rose vividly triumphs through its frosty glaze on a fall morning.

A Buyer's Firey Creation

I love when my buyers share what they create from my beads! A jewelry maker from across the pond created this vibrant necklace using my focal bead as the main pendant and more lampwork glass beads from another artist. Don't they all look like they were meant to be together? Cheerio!

Sunday, November 4

I'm Back!

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday were spent working on my parents' new house! This is the view. They are downsizing from the big Ranch that held all us kids to a space that will be just perfect for them. I can't wait until we get it done to come home to this new home! It's actually an existing home, but we are renovating it with them and anyone willing to lift a hammer or paint brush - namely them, my husband and I, my brother and my cousin so far. Conveniently, it's right next door to the house they live in.

We got lots done and lots we didn't expect doing as is usually the case when doing home improvement. My mom's sewing room is painted top to bottom and the outlets and switch plates were replaced, the window was caulked, my brother patched all the cracks he could find on the cinder block exterior, the drop ceiling in the kitchen was removed and then we tore down the ceiling above that (an amazing mess!), my cousin installed a window in their new bedroom (converted from the garage), B put up beams to hold the new ceiling in the bedroom and kitchen, new light fixtures are being wired into the kitchen, and I'll be putting new linoleum tiles in the closet and starting on painting the living room when we return.

We hope to finish before snowy weather sets in, but there is LOTS to do. Next weekend my husband will install the new furnace while I work on the pretty-ing up stuff. He taught me how to replace the outlets and switches though so I get to do that small electrical project - woo-hooo! I love knowing how to do things.

My dad made sure we were fed everyday (a delicious homemade roast, pizza, apple cinnamon pancakes and bacon, A.J.'s Texas Hots - my favorite take-out - and homemade sweet and sour chicken and various Schwann ice creams for dessert), and even though it was hard work, it was satisfying and even fun.