Tuesday, May 29

A Little Magic

My newest creation, "Talisman," is now for sale in the bead shop. Click the link at right to see more pictures!

Friday, May 25

Thursday's Beads

Just the Two of Us

My husband and I spent this 80+ degree day off from work paddling our kayaks from morning to noon - and then some. No better way to spend it. How pretty are those buttercups?

Thursday, May 24

First Sale!

Here it is! The first bead that I sold. My little black and white planet.

I was at the torch making more tonight, so pics will be coming soon!

Sunday, May 20

A Neat Find

I found this cardinal egg in my yard. I had never seen one before so that was pretty cool. Unfortunately it is cracked, but what an interesting shell.

Saturday, May 19

Iris Orange Implosion

Iris Orange Raku is an amazing color! This muddy brown rod turns all kinds of neat colors in the flame! Copper green (my first favorite) now has some serious competition. The technique I used is called an implosion.

Sunday, May 13

Happy Mothers Day

I made these as gifts for my mom and mother-in-law. The necklace was an extra piece that I may put up for sale!

Monday, May 7

Beads in Bloom

Beads so fresh they are still on the mandrels! I'll get these cleaned up and post some closeups.

Sunday, May 6

What's That?

I recently had my parents up for the weekend to celebrate my mom's birthday so as a gift I took her to the studio, had her pick what color glass she wanted me to use and made these earrings for her to take home. She seemed to really enjoy watching the whole process. If you live within a 20 mile radius, you've probably heard about them. Love you mom!

In case I mention a tool of the trade without explaining it, here's a visual so you'll know just what I mean.

How it Started

I always wanted to take a glass bead making class, so in Jaunary of 2007 I did it. This course should come with a waiver educating unwitting participants about the addictive qualities of melting glass! I have spent many hours behind the torch since, and it never loses its allure.