Tuesday, April 29

Say Something Funny

I like words on shirts, and if you do, too, you'll like this.  Probably.

Friday, April 25

Today's Tip for Being a Good Human

Please, please, please don't conduct phone calls on speaker phone when you work in an open room with other people.  In addition, if you have a door - as the person who has inspired this tip does - please use it or trade offices with me.

Thursday, April 24

Full Moon

I loved melting these colors together. This funky disc-shaped bead is now available in my shop.

Saturday, April 19

Wallpaper is Evil

We just started removing the wallpaper in our kitchen after about nine years of procrastination. Ugh.

It wasn't pretty before unless you like that cutesy country stuff - and a lot of people do - and now it looks heinous due to another of the former owner's design taste. Below the wallpaper is a lovely vine stencilled in blue along the ceiling and down the side of one window. Ick. Now, I must admit to doing a stencil once that I would now cringe at, but it just sucks because now we've got to sand that down otherwise the shape of it will show through the new paint.

I did paint the kitchen ceiling a summer or two back so at least that's done. Still...I really am not a fan of home improvement. I'm a big fan once it's over.

The funniest part of the day was when B picked up the stand the TV is on and started walking with it. What? People lifting things isn't funny? Okay, there was a massive crash as if glassware had just been smashed all over the place. I looked over to see him still with stand in hand saying, "Is there a shelf on the bottom of this?" Yes - with an arched candelabra of glass votives, candles and a plant in a terra cotta pot...with glass marbles in the bottom for drainage. Not a chunk of dirt or marble was left in the pot. I hated watering it anyway, and I just chucked the candles and will use the little glass votives to hold frit - ground glass - for my bead making.

Monday, April 14

The Beads are Back!

Yes, I know it's been a long dry spell, but here are some beads for your enjoyment. I'm gearing up for my once-a-year show and sale in June in beautiful Randolph, New York so be sure to save the date: June 14 and 15. There are going to be a lot of new things this year including fused pieces. If you have thoughts or ideas of things you'd like to see, join in my creative process and let me know. I'll see what I can come up with!

Monday, April 7

One Fish, Two Fish!

Here are my first fused fish. These pictures show them cooked and raw. Mmm, sushi!

Sunday, April 6

Lovely, Lovely, Lovely

Ever have one of those weekends that are just most excellent? Well, I had one and I just love when that happens. I have to say I haven't been in the best of moods, but this weekend was so happy. Instead of seeing a movie on Saturday, B and I made of list of things to do and we just about got them all done. I just don't feel like peeling wallpaper today. The kitchen is the last big room we haven't painted, and it's high time.

Friday night I went to our city's First Friday event with my friend. They have them all over the country where you get shuttled to various art galleries, studios and the like. There is a set route and wherever you get off another bus will arrive in 20 minutes. That's how it's supposed to work anyway. It was a quintessential gray misty April evening, and we made it through two stops before we were stranded. Undeterred, laughing and muttering, we hoofed it to the another venue where we hung out for a bit and then a friend offered to give us a ride back to our cars which would have required a long, cold, dark walk back. It was a brand new car with that brand new smell, back up video camera and phone calls come through the radio. Who needs the shuttle? Thanks L! We did get to explore a painter's warehouse-like studio, chat with a potter I once interviewed, see an art installation of fake dead crows with this magnetic stuff hanging off them that earned my WTF reaction and eat free strawberries. We also wandered into a individually-owned book store that was a treat. I love the smell of old books.

Saturday I hung out with my love, went for a run and cut some glass for fusing; it's cooling in the kiln right now! We laid on the deck for a bit enjoying the first rays of warm sun, went grocery shopping so we won't just be eating frozen food all week and put a mountain of clothes away while watching The World's Sexiest Beaches - Sunset where we saw our first big waves and Waikiki where we surfed together made the list!

Today we were up at just about the crack of dawn, and we rallied ourselves to bike to breakfast even though it was only 32 degrees. There was no wind and the sun was shining, and those two things made all the difference. At our favorite coffee shop, we both tried the the Santa Fe sandwich - egg, Canadian bacon, cheddar cheese and roasted red pepper on a wheat bagel. You haven't seen two more content people sitting in a coffee shop with blazing yellow reflective jackets - the guy with one pant leg rubberbanded so as not to catch in the bike chain, the woman with her sunglasses on her head with the tiny rear view mirror attached sticking straight up like an antennae.