Sunday, August 30

Looks Like Rain

Every day this summer it seems to have rained or looked like it was going to. Despite that, I have really soaked up every last downward spiraling blob.

Wednesday, August 26

Size Matters

In the world of clothing sizes, I am no longer average. I'm pretty sure I was average once, wearing a solid 7/8 all my teenage years. I can still wear my old high school clothes. (Commence grumbling.) But I do all kinds of things I think are fun to keep fit. Anyway, this post is about clothing sizes, and I needed to give you some background. My point is I have not changed size, but when I look for clothes now, I'm anywhere from a 0 to a 4. What gives? Does seeing a smaller size on a pair of jeans fool anyone? I think not. Same with something costing .99 cents. You and I both know that's a dollar. Trickery.

I am finding it nearly impossible to find clothes that fit in the women's section so I have been shopping in teens for years. Tonight I had a breakthrough after not finding anything there. Girls! Yes, I found two pairs of size 16 jeans that fit like they were tailored for me. The epiphany came when I remembered a favorite pair of capris I have were my niece's; she was tired of them. I figure in another decade I'll be solidly into children's sizes.

Thursday, August 20


This year has been filled with road and rail travel, well, filled compared to any other year. It's no wonder I'm still painting my kitchen cabinets and have yet to move on to the walls.

Here's a list of places I've been so far in 2009:
1. New York City
2. Buffalo
3. Boston
4. Boston (again)
5. Reston, VA
6. Washington D.C.
7. Corning
8. Toronto

I'd like a nice Top Ten. Boston can count as one, and Reston and Washington are so close let's count them as one as well so there are four slots to be filled by a world of possibilities.

I'd take any of these candidates:
1. Kailua, HI
2. Venice, Italy
3. Seattle, WA
4. Lancaster, CA (to drive the musical road, of course)