Monday, March 30


I have trouble connecting things. I hesitate. But some things you have to go right into. For example, when you do a round-off back handspring it is no where near the same thing as doing one round-off or one back handspring. The round-off back handspring is all one creature. The middle is not "pause, bend knees, sit back, JUMP!" It's "land/punch the floor with toes while jumping backward." Fast.

No time for thought - only do.

I am so bad at do because of that lack of time for thought. In the end, that is my downfall because thoughts lead to fear and fear leads to hesitation and hesitation leads to failure. I must try to trust that physical plane and push the mental one out of the way. My brain may be the least flexible part of me because it is the only one that understands the danger I'm putting the rest of the parts in. Understandable brain, but it's unacceptable. Get out of my way.

Saturday, March 28

I <3 Anemones

It was a lovely day at Boston's New England Aquarium with my folks. My
mom had the fine idea of going, and it's well worth the trip. But go
on a Tuesday - like that commercial that's on right now suggests. By
noon there were more people than fish!

One of my favorite things was this first tank we spent about 15
minutes at. Anemones are such fantastic creatures. I was more excited
to see them than the fish.

The jellyfish special exhibit was excellent. They were the only
creatures I was glad to be seperated from by glass. Apparently
jellyfish are psyched about global warming because they are very
adaptive and thriving. There were penguins, but it's sad to see them
stuck inside. Myrtle, a 70-80-year-old sea turtle so large you
couldn't get it in the back seat of your car, is also in residence.

Wednesday, March 25

Over the Hump

Do you ever get in a better mood seemingly for no reason? That happened me today. I've been deducing that it's Wednesday's proximity to Friday. Or maybe it's because I signed up for a free online course to understand why colors in Photoshop don't print the same as the exact colors in InDesign. Other bright spots on the horizon are that I'm going to wash the winter filth off my car today, and I plan on baking snickerdoodles when I get home. The cookie baking will be very exciting because I just got a new gas stove...with a window!

Maybe I'm just in a good mood because there are immediate things to
look forward to.

Tuesday, March 24

Green Things

Things secret and green are poking up into the world. I extend a tentative finger, touching each one. Hello. They are strong and like upside down divers, hands thrust toward the sun.

The beginnings of daffodils and tulips spear through last autumn's leaves. The weeds are still weeks away, and the rain will provide these first flowers with all the water they need. This is the time that I love my garden. Bulbs I buried under winters long past push through all the dirt and leaves that have been heaped upon them.

Slumbering in silence, shoving aside misconceptions like here there be no flowers, believing there is light in the direction they are heading and standing tall and bright through - and because of - all the rain - this is the ethos of green things.

Wednesday, March 18

"Sit, Ubu, Sit"

I was looking for the Eat, Pray, Love book when I came across Sit, Ubu, Sit by Gary David Goldberg. Gary is the guy that created Family Ties, and this is the story of how that happened, the story of his life.

B and I recently took a road trip to Boston, and since my stereo is too old to know what an iPhone is, I became the audiobook and read it as we traversed the interstate. It was so much fun to read aloud, and B loved hearing the tale unfold. It is clever and upbeat; a love story with life's anvils-dropped-from-high-places thrown in. You know when you're reading sad parts to yourself, and if you're the stoic sort, your eyes may well up a bit, but you just keep reading? There were two spots where I could hardly read aloud. Damn. Dragging emotion outta me. Okay, Gary, you're good, and your story is wonderful, and if nothing as amazing as creating a hit TV show is in my future at least I've got the love of my life with me for whatever comes.