Monday, February 25

Thoughts at a Red Light

As I was driving around on my lunch hour getting gas and mailing some of my beads to Alberta, Canada (which is far, far from here!), I saw some Canadian Geese on the man-made pond at the mall. It's frozen over so they were just standing right out on the ice in a very nonchalant manner. I started thinking how funny it would be if the ice gave way and Kersplash! Feathers would fly, curses honked. Then I remembered how very light they are. They look like a big hefty bird, but bird bones are hollow so they are lighter than they look. I haven't ever had the opportunity to pick one up, but this is my speculation.

Next I started thinking about if they had landed on the water in this small pond at night and it froze by morning, how they would be trapped. I read about this in a book once. I think it was Black Swan Green. Even if it isn't true, I bet mother ducks tell their little chicklings, "Don't ever sit in the pond overnight - your feet could freeze like that!"

Then the light turned green.

Monday, February 18

A Fruitful Lunch!

I decided to spend my lunch hour at People's Pottery since I don't have a book to read today. I wandered around looking at the pretty stuff and then saw that Edible Arrangements - which I love - is located in the same plaza. As I made my way there I saw a trail leading off the back of the park lot with a sign at the start. Intrigued, I walked to it and found it is part of the town trail system! When the ice melts, I'll be checking that out!

I strolled back to Edible Arrangements and went inside to see what it was like. I just saw their feature on the Food Network showing how they cut the pineapples into flowers and arrange the bouquets. You can purchase small fruit bowls to go for under $4 and there was a GIGANTIC chocolate covered strawberry in the case. I had no cash on me, but figured I'd pay with my card if need be. When I asked how much, the woman at the counter said it was a sample and proceeded to hand me it with a handful of napkins! Art, a new trail and a chocolate covered strawberry...a fruitful lunch hour indeed.

Success! My first fusings!

Sunday, February 17

Tag, You're It

I've been tagged by TeresaJ.

Here are the rules:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people* at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
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7 facts about myself:

1. Today is the first day I've tried fusing glass. It's cooking in my kiln right now!
2. I love to watch NASA TV. The spacewalks are amazing.
3. Yesterday I learned that my snowboarding helmet works perfectly.
4. I know that chickens do indeed run around with their heads cut off.
5. I enjoyed Juno, but it can't be the best movie of the year. It should win best soundtrack though!
6. I am tired of dreading Mondays.
7. I LOVE not having kids.

*I took liberty with this rule and did just five. Do whatever you feel like; no pressure.

And the new tagees are:
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Monday, February 11

So When Am I Going to Make Something?

I know, I know. Where is the glass, right? I have a pound of satake rods, Wasser art glass for fusing, new fusing tools and now I just need to take some time to create. This might be a love-is-in-the-air going away weekend so I can't promise anything, but soon, people soon. I feel like I'm withering. I did make this really cool pendant for my dear friend, but I forgot to take a picture. I'll get this blog back on track eventually, but meanwhile I'll try not to let another month slip by without some random ramblings.

The Final Frontier

Did anyone watch the space walk today? Listen to an account here of what it's like to be clipped in by your heels at the end of this robotic arm.

B and I saw the trailer of the new Star Trek movie over the weekend, and it was fabulous. Check it out here!

Thursday, February 7

Give Me Some Space

There was a space shuttle launch today, and it was amazing. Though Florida's a long way from here, I got to watch it live on my desktop at work in slush/ice/snow-covered New York.

A friend from work just got back from visiting Kennedy Space Center (forget Disney, go here!) and pulled up the NASA website today so we could watch the launch. We both kept the little window open of the live feed while we designed postcards and flyers and what-not. We both agreed it was the most fun we'd had in while. The astronauts were strapped in around nine or so, and they hung out with us on-screen until the lift-off after two o'clock. It was cool to watch them board the shuttle and hold up little signs saying hello to their loved ones. As the sky deepened in color and finally turned black, and I could see the Earth floating below, it sure made me wish I could go. The view and the silence would be bliss. I assume it's quiet on the shuttle after it gets into orbit. What if it hums or something is ticking? I might jump out the air lock.

Without further ado, check it out for yourself here! Just choose the video called Lift Off! at right.

Tuesday, February 5

Cliffs of Dover

So my Guitar Hero "career" has progressed to the spot where the song Cliffs of Dover comes up, and I'm thrilled to finally know the name of this song I fell in love with 13 years ago the first time I heard it, but had no idea who it was by or what it was called. I even called radio stations over the years trying to hum it to no avail. Admittedly my humming wasn't that good, and this song gets really fast! I'd whistle, but that's even worse than my humming.

I scurried to iTunes and downloaded Eric Johnson's album and if you love yourself some amazing guitar, check him out. This guy rocks. It's as if this guitar was made to express puring screaming joy; Johnson's fingers are infused with it.