Friday, March 12

Pecking Away

My updated resolution list is getting some things crossed off. The bold items are next up, but I’m pecking away at this. I have all year right? How are your resolutions coming?

1. Focus (There are things I think I should do. So I’ve got to pick a thing, focus and do it.)
2. Get Adobe Certified - in anything (That’s one of the things I think I should do.)
3. Make time spent on the computer more productive
4. Tour a real, medieval castle, preferably with a moat (I’d put a moat around my house if it were allowed. They are just cool.)
5. Go to New York with my friend V Trip booked!
6. Surf again
7. Hike to Machu Picchu
8. Get paid for this clean living (My health care plan offers $500 cash back for doing healthy things) Almost halfway there.
9. Go to Hawaii again
10. Visit Venice
11. Be better
12. Be better to my houseplants My houseplants are looking fabulous; I’m checking this off.
13. Move on and forward
14. Snowboard in Utah or Colorado
15. Go on a insanely inexpensive trip to an incredible locale
16. Read more design books
17. Melt glass into beads that I am absolutely pleased with
18. Add something new and interesting to my hobby of doing new and interesting things
19. Get great new glasses to give my eyes a break from contacts
20. Take advantage of
21. Knit a pair of socks
22. Print this list and post it in plain sight