Tuesday, April 14

Thank You Fold-Down Seat Inventor

I have a bike rack. I just decided it would be easier if my bike could
go in my car, and those sweet fold-down seats did not let me down -

If the person who invented them stumbles by my blog and reads
this, I think you deserve a Pulitzer prize. You made it possible for
me to get to a trail where I didn't have to worry about traffic. You
made it possible for me to ride helmet-free, the wind in my hair -
without the usual guilt I'd feel about being turned into a vegetable
for my husband to feed if I were braving the road and got unlucky.
Simply put, you make my life - and those of countless other fold-down
seat owners - better.

Note: For those of you thinking I should be wearing a helmet anyway, it was not a mountain biking trail, but one of those rails-to-trails trails. If you think I should still be wearing a helmet, I'm just glad you haven't gotten a law passed against it for people my age because this normally law-abiding person would break it.

Saturday, April 4

Getting it Done

It's been another busy week where the majority of the time spent at home was with my eyes closed. Tonight B and I stayed in. I dialed on the dishwasher, got two loads of laundry done and - miracle of miracles - put away, went to the gym, had wonderful conversations with B, got my mom's birthday present, downloaded an online Photoshop course to expand upon my skills, updated apps on my iPhone, made the grocery list because our fridge looks like a bachelor lives here and picked up the last drawer pull we needed for the kitchen and returned some wrong size screws that I'd bought. Whew. Still there are plenty of things that need doing like cleaning the bathroom, putting the dishes away, grocery shopping...it's just never ending isn't it?