Tuesday, April 14

Thank You Fold-Down Seat Inventor

I have a bike rack. I just decided it would be easier if my bike could
go in my car, and those sweet fold-down seats did not let me down -

If the person who invented them stumbles by my blog and reads
this, I think you deserve a Pulitzer prize. You made it possible for
me to get to a trail where I didn't have to worry about traffic. You
made it possible for me to ride helmet-free, the wind in my hair -
without the usual guilt I'd feel about being turned into a vegetable
for my husband to feed if I were braving the road and got unlucky.
Simply put, you make my life - and those of countless other fold-down
seat owners - better.

Note: For those of you thinking I should be wearing a helmet anyway, it was not a mountain biking trail, but one of those rails-to-trails trails. If you think I should still be wearing a helmet, I'm just glad you haven't gotten a law passed against it for people my age because this normally law-abiding person would break it.


Yankee Girl 1881 said...

helmet.. whats that!?! don't worry. i'll be helmetless with you. if the trail is so steep and trechorous that it requires a helmet, well, I'm not going down it in the first place. yes, i'm a chicken. i like my skin whole and my head not getting wacked by trees rushing by.

Ginger said...

Yeah, just say no to helmets when reasonable. Flesh wounds have their place - proof of fun had. The ones that leave scars are usually from stupid things I've done like riding my bike into a curb thinking I had the skill to jump it. The bike just stopped...but I didn't. I know what I did wrong now, but now I'm chicken to try it again.