Monday, February 11

So When Am I Going to Make Something?

I know, I know. Where is the glass, right? I have a pound of satake rods, Wasser art glass for fusing, new fusing tools and now I just need to take some time to create. This might be a love-is-in-the-air going away weekend so I can't promise anything, but soon, people soon. I feel like I'm withering. I did make this really cool pendant for my dear friend, but I forgot to take a picture. I'll get this blog back on track eventually, but meanwhile I'll try not to let another month slip by without some random ramblings.


TheresaJ said...

Well, how exciting about your upcoming weekend! I'll send good thoughts out to the universe for you! :) As for the beads, I know I've been having a hard time getting started again after the holidays. I'm just starting to feel that pull towards my workspace.

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- Theresa

sin.thesis said...

i just got back into making things myself--i know what you mean about withering! good luck! btw, you have a really nice blog design.

sin.thesis said...

careful making those cookies when you're making glass--don't mix 'em up! Glad you're back in the groove--your fusings look great.