Tuesday, November 11

This Has Never Happened Before

I have renewed Diana Gabaldon's The Fiery Cross - the fifth of six books in the Outlander series -twice. It's big, I have other things going on, and man, it just seems to be taking me an eternity to finish it. This morning the end was in sight, and I looked forward to finishing it on my lunch. Still, after an hour I had roughly 20 pages left. Undeterred, I looked forward to finishing it tonight. My husband can't wait for me to finish it. You know it's bad when other people want you to be done with a book.

As I downloaded the Dreamweaver CS4 trial, I started down the homestretch. I turned page 906 to find page 978. Shock overruled pissed-offness - I know, that's shocking in itself. I guess it's going back to the library regardless now, which was the goal. I will point it out to them so it doesn't happen to the next poor reader. Hopefully they won't think it happened on my watch. I'm not too proud to find a seat at the book store and work on finishing it up there whenever I'm in the area. I love this story, but am ready to be done with it.


Cozy said...

I loved that series! I have read all six books. The love story between Claire and her Scotsman was wonderful but you are right that the books are enormous and a time comes when you want it to be done.

Ginger said...

Yes, it is wonderful! I had a serious addiction through the first 4 books. My best friend sent me "Outlander" last May so it was fun not having to wait for the next book, but they consume me sometimes, LOL.