Sunday, October 26


I sure have neglected my blog this month, and I've neglected reading my faves as well. I really like blogging. There are plenty of things to share. I've just been lazy I guess. 

I got to see Kevin Bacon tonight. Un-pixelized. In the same room. He is freaking cute, looks like the type to dance all night and can play a ridiculous number of instruments. If this is news to you, go check out The Bacon Brothers. Of course, that he's cute is not news. One of my favorite songs is Memorize. Beautiful. 

I just got an e-mail for NaNoWriMo. That was a complete failure last year. I could try again and aim for consistency. I did write 6,000 words. Maybe 6,005 could be a goal.


Anonymous said...

Cool...where were they playing that you guys got to see them? I listened to the song, it IS nice!!!


Ginger said...

They were at Geneseo. Hey, I keep meaning to ask you how Satriani was. Did you guys have a great time?

Anonymous said...

Cool! Oh, Satriani was GREAT!!! Very loud, of course, but guys would have loved it! We had a wonderful time...maybe if he comes again we can all go, eh? LOL!