Monday, July 5

Floating on the Fourth

The fireworks vibrated our foot pegs as B and I floated on the river. We had the best seats by far.


Sherry said...

Were you in that group from ADK that paddled to the Ford Street bridge? I was down at Keuka Lake all day yesterday and when I got home I was too tired to go back out and watch fireworks. I heard you guys got splashed around by the big boats after the fireworks!

I'll have to tell you sometime about my first launch with my new boat!!!

Ginger said...

There were a few people from ADK, but it was organized by another local kayaking group. It was SO much fun. I, of course, loved the wakes!

Yes, tell me about your maiden voyage!

Sherry said...

Okay, but not on the internet. You wouldn't want the world to know you have a friend that's a klutz!

Yankee Girl 1881 said...

nice seats!